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Entrevista a Dom / e-zine
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Bueno entrevista sacada en un e-zine croata.


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Dominic Howard: "Chopin is responsible for Muse's sound, too"

When you start your career with an album that is described as the „bad Radiohead version“, it's not easy to move on, but boys from Muse managed to get over the bad critics and soon they managed to become one of the today's greatest bands.

Absolution was a big turning point in their career, and with the last year's BhaR they just proved their talent, which is now sharpened to its limits.

Or is it? Maybe there are still huge things to come from them, and already this October we're going to be able to see it, when they come here to have a concert.

Not so long ago, they had two concerts on the newly built „English sports temple“, Wembley, in front of 75k people each night. It just showed us that they really are one of the biggest bands today.

They are currently touring USA, after which they are coming to Europe. Zagreb, amongst other cities, has the honour to host these „three riders of the apocalypse“.
We spoke about albums, future plans and a lot of other things with the drummer Dominic Howard, who was more than happy to spend some time answering our questions.

Soon, you’re having a concert in Zagreb. What do you expect, and what can the fans expect?
This is our first time here, so we’re very thrilled because of it. We love to play in countries we never visited before, in front of people who want to hear our music, because they haven’t had a chance to hear us live before. I expect the fans to be cool, hyper and thrilled, because we’re going to be that way. We have a huge production that we pull out behind us, huge screens, and special effects and so on, so our concert is a really special thing…

You are currently on a big world tour. Where do you feel the best?
Each audience is unique, but last time we felt great was in Korea: Seoul audience was excited, but the rest of East Asia was fun, too. Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong… I love playing in Europe; too, France is for example awesome…

You sold out two Wembley concerts in June. How did you feel, being in front of 75k fans?
It was amazing! Special feeling and experience… Those gigs were unique in the whole career, from the organisation, fans, to us. It was a bit tense and hard for us, but when we started to play on the stage, we enjoyed it to the max; you have to feel special when so many fans come to hear you.
We already played in front of that many people but that was on festivals, where people come to listen to all the bands, not just you. Wembley was special, because those people came there just to see us. We felt a challenge to play in front of that many people and we made it, so we hope there will be more concerts like this in future.

You had a lot of support act on the Wembley gigs. Are you going to make some kind of DVD, since they are very popular these days?
We are working on the DVD. It will be, of course, based on us, not on the guests, and it could be out by the end of the year.

Is there any concert you remember the most, except the Wembley, of course?
Yeah, Wembley is number one, it can’t be compared with. I remember the last year’s Reading festival. It was one of the best. We used to go there when we were kids, so we come there happily every year when we are invited. We were headliners last year, it’s a huge event, huge stages, a lot of crazy people, and it can’t be described. It was a great honour to be a headliner.
There are some other concerts, like the ones in East Asia, which I am not going to forget. We had a great fun there, and we played in some new countries, so it was awesome.

Let's go to the roots for a while. Which bends did a lot of influence on Muse?
A lot, a lot of bends did. Each of us had its favourites. I liked, when I was young, The Police, but also a lot of hip-hopers, because of the rhythmic. When I took the drumsticks in my hands, i started to listen to blues and piano songs. Chris is a huge The Beach Boys and similar stuff fan. We loved the American rock, such as Rage against the machine, Pixies and stuff like that. We also listened to a lot of English indie bands. Those are the bends that inspired a lot of other bends, not just us.
We're widening our horizons today, so we listen to classical music, the more romantic one, such as Chopin, so he's a bit *guilty* for the change in our music style.

Critics had a lot of negative comments on Showbiz, because you sounded like Radiohead too much. And you weren't even near their quality, so you got etiquetted as the „bad version of Radiohead“. Was it a hard time for Muse?
Not actually. When I look back, I can say that we were young, naive and still childish, so we made an album that we thought it was good then.

With „Absolution“, critics changed their view, and they started to praise you. Audience liked you, and it helped you to become one of the most popular bends.
Yeah, we definitely grew up. Showbiz had some of the very old songs, five or six years old, from the band’s beginnings, and we finished the album very quickly, so that’s why it came out the way it did. Already on the next one, OoS, we started to experiment with the sound.
We moved on further with the sound on the Absolution and BhaR. It’s obvious that we evolved our sound on the every new album; we found new music genres, in which we haven't played before, so it all took part in changing the band's sound.

Your great psychedelic song, Hysteria, from the Absolution, gives me an impression that it could have an epilogue, such as Metallica with Unforgiven 2.
Hysteria 2… LOL… we never actually thought about it, but Hysteria is a typical Muse song, with strong bass and melodically refrains. I don't know what we are going to do in future. We are going to compose new stuff next year.

So, here we are to the last's year excellent album BhaR, which you got a lot of awards for, and the fans just love it…
We're already a year, year and a half on a tour promoting it. It’s awesome all the time, we achieved some things we haven't hoped for, we grew up as the band, we became great live band. And it feels great to keep on pushing forward.

A lot of your lyrics are very apocalyptic. Where does that come from?
Some of our songs really have that vibe, like it's the end of the world *laughs*, but most of lyrics are just a companion to our music. Music itself is a trigger for the feelings like that so it's a very powerful weapon, which doesn't have to be always complicated, but we always want to sound very bombastic. That's why there are some apocalyptic lyrics on Absolution. BhaR doesn't have that many apocalyptic lyrics; it's more inspired by the everyday life.
At the time we were writing Absolution, the whole world was intense, everyone was waiting for the new war, people didn't had any clue what was going on around them, so we had a need to share our thoughts about it. Last album has more positive themes, more revolution oriented, power, people united, changes...

There is a gorgeous power pop song on the last album, Starlight, which is very atypical to Muse…
Well, melody just came in one moment, and we decided to keep it the way it was, since it's very strong and it's mood-uplifting. We needed a simple way to present it, so it's not complicated. It's a normal love song, with couple beings separated from each other, but also from the other people. It has a simple message with simple music.

Are you done with the BHaR singles?
I think we are. Last thing we did was an experiment, with MotP. It was a download only single. It's not a typical way to release a single. Releasing a single the old way in order to promote the album sounds very outdated because of the all new technologies that surround us. That's why we did this simple thing, so that we can see whether we could do it again in future, because we don't exactly now how are we going to release our new albums or song collections. I don't think we are going to do it the old way anymore, with albums and singles.

Just the question I wanted to ask you. What are the plans for the future? Is there a new album on the horizons? Any new song?
We are still not done with any new song, but I think we are going to be by the end of the tour. We're probably going to play the new ones on the concerts we booked for the next year. Like I already said, we're not sure about what are we going to release next, and how.

How do you see Muse in 10 years?
I hope we will be touring around the world, playing on the crowded stadium. We have some goals to meet; we have a lot of ambition. That's the reason why we are constantly evolving with our sound, which is clearly visible on our live concerts, on which we give our best because we want to be remembered as the great live band. We don't want to hide it; we want to push as far as we can. And not only on home ground, like in Wembley, but also everywhere we can, because it's a special feeling to entertain so many fans at once.

What does it feel like to live in Britain today?
It's not bad; it's very cold and wet because of the everyday rain. It's very hard to figure out what season it is currently. It's a shame, but it's still ok. I live in London, which is a very cultural city, with big music industry and a lot of young performers.

Yeah, we are being bombarded every day with the new kids with the guitars. What are your favorites?
Hm… I prefer electronic music, so i quite like Does It Offend You, Yeah? I also like Arctic Monkeys; they're not quite new, but still a good bend, with some new sound. Klaxons are great too; they recently won the Mercury award.

Which new album would you recommend to our readers?
Wait, let me remember. Oh yeah, Cold War Kids! They are from California, and they have amazing sound. They recently joined us on a tour, opened some of our concerts, and they were great. Boys are great performing live; they have something chaotic in themselves.

We are an Internet magazine. What do you think about the Internet as the mass media?
I love Internet, technology and science. It's great for music industry; it brings the music to wider audience. Some people would have no chance to hear some stuff if there was no Internet. It's harder to make money with the Internet, but it's not that important because music is what matters the most. That's why it's important to be a great live band.
Concerts are something that needs to be tried, unbreakable flow of energy between the fans and the band, a unique experience. The more users download music from the Internet, legally or not, the more of them are going to see bands live, which is good for us.

For the end, which is your favourite Muse song, and why?
I have a lot of favourite ones, but if I had to choose now, I’d pick „Knights of Cydonia“. It's a great live song, and we freak out before the end of it. A great way to end the show. We can't go wrong with it, because it's made for 10k people to jump around on its melody.
“Knights of Cydonia” has all the typical Muse elements, which are gathered to one place here, so that's the reason why is this song so good.


entera :)
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Jooo.. no me digas que van  terminar la gira T.T otra vez nos dejan a fuera xD Jajaa bue espero que para el proximo disco vengan  :rolleyes:
Does It Offend You, Yeah?   :cheesy:
Jajaja Gracias! =)


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Ay Dom, no mencionaste Mexico, pero te perdono!!!!!!! jajaja


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  :shrek Gracias, que bien que dentro de 10 años aun se vean dando conciertos por todo el mundo


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