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Entrevista con Matt para Straits Times (Singapur)
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Muse frontman Matt Bellamy says the English rock trio is on a stopover here so he could buy rugs from Arab Street

THERE'S something about Matt Bellamy that endears him to you the moment he says 'hello'.

Bearing no rock-star airs, the 29-year-old frontman of the English rock trio Muse immediately engages you in friendly banter, transfixing you with his piercing blue eyes.

Speaking to Life! in an exclusive interview at a business lounge in Raffles The Plaza earlier this month, he is relaxed and chirpy - a stark contrast to his intense and energetic onstage persona.

Bellamy and drummer Dominic Howard, 30, were in town on a four-day stopover enroute to Australia for gigs there as part of their current world tour.

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme, 29, was in Britain and planned to meet his bandmates in Australia.

Formed in 1997 in Devon, England, the band had performed here for the first time in January to a massive crowd of more than 7,000 people at Fort Canning Park.

Their fourth and latest studio release, Black Holes And Revelations, topped the music charts in Britain, Europe and Australia when it was released last year and has sold over two million copies worldwide.

He is the son of George Bellamy, rhythm guitarist for 1960s British rock group The Tornados, and currently lives in Italy with his psychologist girlfriend Gaia Polloni, 26.

He gives Life! an update on himself and the band.

1. What brings you guys here again?

I wanted to buy some Kashmiri rugs for my house. In England, it costs thousands of pounds to buy one, so after this interview, I'm going to Arab Street to buy five rugs. Also, we just wanted to recuperate because I don't like doing two plane rides on the same day.

2. What was your impression of Singapore from your debut performance?

That show was crazy. It was a very nice compliment and surprise to see so many people at the concert. We went to a few bars last night and we met some people who recognised us. We feel very welcome here.

3. What is it about your live shows that dazzle audiences?

When we go on stage, we try to do the things that we want to see if we are in the crowd. For that reason, we give our all and we've learnt not to be shy and not be afraid to do extreme things musically.

4. Keyboardist-bassist Morgan Nicholls is accompanying the band on the current world tour. Has he become a permanent member of the band?

We don't know actually. He's a really cool guy to hang out with and I think he'll be touring with us in the future. He is a very good studio engineer. I don't think we need any new musical assistance in the studio but maybe we could use him as an engineer.

5. In June, crew and members of both Muse and My Chemical Romance (who will perform here on Dec 11) were stricken with food poisoning while on tour together in the United States. What happened?

That was a disaster. I think we (Muse) were the only people who didn't have food poisoning. We felt like we were in the film 28 Days Later... because we went to the venue and everyone was sick and we were the only people who were healthy. The concert was not even being set up because all the crew members were on the floor.

6. Your music has a lot of references to Mars and Cydonia. Where does your obsession stem from?

I read this book about archaeological scientists who had viewed the Giza pyramids. On Mars, in an area called Cydonia, there appears to be small pyramid remains, which have a similar pattern to the Giza pyramids.

The remains also suggest the pyramids here might have a link to those on Mars. I like the idea that we have come from somewhere else.

7. You have a new album in the works. What will it sound like?

To be honest, we've not recorded anything yet. There are a few ideas which we've explored but we've not really had a chance to record yet because we're touring so much. Musically, it's difficult to say. I'd like to keep it unpredictable at the moment.

8. Complete this sentence. If I could live my life all over again...

I would like to be fluent in many languages. I'm embarrassed that I can speak only English.

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