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Dom en Radio 1, con Zane Lowe (4 feb)
« en: Mar, 05 de Feb del 2008, a las 16:43:41 »
Aquí está la transcripción. Nada del otro mundo, salvo lo que ya dije ayer en el hilo del V...

Zane Lowe: On the 17th March, Muse release a DVD/CD of their fantastic weekend at Wembley stadium in the summer of 2007, and right now, to tell us about that release, we have Dom. Hello Dom.

Dom: Hello there!

Z: How's things?

D: Great, how are you?

Z: Yeah, I'm doing very good indeed. Let's take you back to those... amazing Saturday and Sunday shows at Wembley Stadium. I was lucky enough to be there, I had a great time, and so did 150,000 fans and yourselves. Do you have any long lasting memories of the gig?

D: We have many fond memories. It was such a... overwhelming, surreal experience. The crowd were just so unbelievable, they really made it for us... an electric experience in the stadium.

Z: How many months went into organising... in hindsight, was it a considerable amount of effort?

D: Er, yeah, a good five, six months actually.For that kind of thing, you just gotta go for it, and push it as far as possible. So we just put as much as we could in really, but it was uhh.. it was great.

Z: I mean you guys consistently pick up... numerous awards for best live act, in terms of looking...into the future, is it something you can see yourselves consistently doing as you release more albums, to continue documenting yourselves live, or do you think this is gonna be the definitive testament for you guys?

D: We kinda always feel like... the set and the way we play the songs change so drastically, from when we first played out the album, it's always nice to...capture that. I think we'll always do it, it's something we all enjoy doing, and it's something we evolve so naturally.

Z: Listen, thank you so much, personally, for being a part of a great weekend man, it was awesome, and I know that everybody that was there will be out of the 17th March picking this up on DVD and CD, and thousands of people who didn't get a chance to go aswell. [...] And... Dom, you know, we might see you performing live again up on stage some point this year? No details yet, but fingers crossed.

D: Yeah! We will be.

Si lo queréis escuchar (...) está en la página de Radio 1, en el pograma del lunes, minuto 45 (dar 3 veces a >>).
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Re: Dom en Radio 1, con Zane Lowe (4 feb)
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Muchas gracias, Debo!  ^^


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Re: Dom en Radio 1, con Zane Lowe (4 feb)
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gracias debo! :grin


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