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Dan The Trumpet Man. 10 cosas que no sabías sobre Muse (o sí)
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When not performing with orchestras, the likes of Paul McCartney, Queen and Elbow, or contributing to films soundtracks including The Dark Night, Cold Mountain and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, trumpeter Daniel Newell - aka Dan The Trumpet Man to fans - has a regular duty supplying the brass for Muse. Having made his live debut with the band on Later With Jools Holland in 2006, he's played on Knights Of Cydonia and City Of Delusion across the world - including at Wembley Stadium in 2007 which was recently voted one of the greatest gigs ever by the Music Is Great campaign - and has learned a thing or two about the trio...

1. Muse are actually friendly
"The first time I met them was to play on Jools Holland with them. They were fantastic. I've had loads of other bands but they were the first ones who said Go straight into the dressing room. I changed with them, not just shoved down the corridor. We did a run through and Matt [Bellamy, frontman] said, We've got some European gigs coming up so if you do alright, maybe you can do that. So that's how it all started."

2. They ain't precious
"The first run through they just said have a listen to the track and then we'll run it through. They said they were happy, was I? We did a few more run-throughs and that was that. They weren't precious with it at all. Everything just slotted in. There's no pretention there."

3. Matt Bellamy is always thinking even when he appears to be lost in music
"For the first gig I said to Matt can you look across and give us a little nod just to make sure I come in at the right place? And he was like yeah, no worries. Then during the gig he was playing away, then suddenly looked up and gave me the nod. That's great really! "

4. They don't do group hugs
"There's no pre show rituals. Dom [Howard, drummer] might put some tunes on, tapping away on his drumsticks, but everyone is really chilled. It's not a stressful environment. Matt will come in and say, Come on then boys! and off we go really. There's never loads of tension, it was always quite relaxed. But there are no rituals, we wouldn't hug or anything like that. It's not Robbie Williams at Knebworth!"

5. You never know where Muse will appear from
"Wembley was just incredible when they came up in the middle of the crowd at the start of the gig. Matt always has a joke about dropping me in the middle of it all, or suspending me from the rafters during my solo. Everywhere we go there's a joke about where they're going to put me, but I always end up on the stage, they go walkabouts."

6. Their rider is surprisingly... normal
"There are no Van Halen blue M&M-style demands. They have loads of fruit and veg and a blender machine, lots of Berocca, Red Bull, a few beers... they have it all covered. I get to share their rider and for me when they were opening with Knights it was brilliant, I was done after the first song, so I'd get my pick and go off and watch the show."

7. Back stage banter is more Rachmaninoff than rock'n'roll
"Matt is an incredible musician. We've spoken about different types of music. He's into music. We've had some long chats about Rachmaninoff and different influences. That's what makes him a great musician he's not stuck in that genre and you can hear that throughout his writing. His piano playing is massively influenced by Rachmaninoff. He's massively into it all. Has he ever asked me for concert tickets? No. he probably has better access than I do anyway! [laughs]"

8. The setlist can change at short notice
"Sometimes they leave it to the last minute. There were a couple of times when Matt decided he wanted to do City Of Delusion at the last minute and I would get a call from the manager saying, Dan, where are you...where's the nearest airport?!"

9. They're always learning
"I have tried to teach the band trumpet a couple of times. Dom was pretty good and Chris [Wolstenholme, bass] was a natural! He has a really good set of high chops - he'd make a great lead trumpet."

10. The new Muse album is...
"Sounding good. I've heard a couple of tracks as to what's going on, but I don't know too much about it to be honest."



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Re:Dan The Trumpet Man. 10 cosas que no sabías sobre Muse (o sí)
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Sencillez ante todo, otra razón para querer a los musos  :yes:


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